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4-120 years old

Our piano lessons for children are based on the Jaques-Dalcroze method, which is a complete musical education that encompasses improvisation, Eurhythmics and ear training (solfa). Skills like listening, sensibility and expressiveness are also developed which are needed in piano playing.

As for our adult lessons, we will cater to your needs and pacing. If you have difficulties attending weekly lessons, once-a-month lessons is possible as well.

Lessons can be conducted in either Japanese, English, French or Chinese. Do let us if you have any preference, it could be an excellent opportunity for you to learn piano and a new language simultaneously!

Lesson days

Please choose the day and time that you prefer and we will be able to discuss based on availability.

40 lessons per year

- Pre-school (4-6 years old):

¥4500/month (30 minutes)

- Elementary school students onward:

¥5500/month (30 minutes) 

¥7000/month (45 minutes) 

¥8500/month (60 minutes)

※ As the lesson duration and fees varies depending on the student's age and level, please consult us and we can advise the best for you and your child.

- Single lesson: ¥2500 (30 minutes)

English for Adults

1 lesson/month

Enjoy learning conversational English in a casual group setting through songs and interactive activities.

Lesson days

Every 3rd Saturday of the month: 1:30pm (50 minutes)¥1500

Dalcroze Eurhythmics

2-5 years old (3 lessons/month)

Created by the Swiss musician and educator Emile Jaques-Dalcroze (hence its name), Dalcroze Eurhythmics engages students to learn music through movements. How long is a quarter note? What does it mean for a sound to be strong? These might sound simple, however they are not easy to comprehend. Understanding musical concepts through body movements and space helps establish a deeper relationship to music. Rather than just playing or listening to music, skills such as expressiveness, creativity, communication, unique personality are developed, which are all equally important in a musician. 

※ Do note that this lesson is in Japanese.

Lesson days

- 2-3 years old: Tuesday/Friday: 10am

 (40 minutes)¥4000

​- 4-5 years old: Tuesday 3pm/Saturday       11am (40 minutes)¥4000

※ Please take note that the day and time that you have chosen is fixed and cannot be switched around.

イングリッシュ プレイタイム!





※ 各クラスどちらかの曜日をお選び、固定していただきます。

ABC Eurhythmics

2-8 years old (3 lessons/month)

Taught by a native speaker, ABC Eurhythmics combines the learning of English with musical games and rhythmical activities. In addition, since the teacher is a certified Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher, the child will not only acquire linguistic skills, but also learn the basics of music in English, and develop communication, listening skills and self-expression that are vital for both English and music.


Lessons are conducted completely in English without Japanese aid, so students get used to the sounds and enunciation of English much quicker. 

Lesson days

- 2-3 years old: Wednesday 10am/         Thursday 10am (40 minutes) ¥4000

- 4-5 years old: Wednesday 3pm/   Saturday 10am (40 minutes)¥4000 

- 6-8 years old: Wednesday 4pm/     Friday 4pm (50 minutes)¥5000

※ Please take note that the day and time that you have chosen is fixed and cannot be switched around.

Enjoy Music!

- 2 lessons/month (Elementary       school students)

- 1 lesson/month (Adults)

Want to partake in a musical experience as an ensemble? Or learn how you can communicate effectively through verbal and non-verbal skills?「Enjoy Music!」is a group lesson where you can explore the fun of music through creative activities (composition and body movements), choir singing, as well as musical performances. Make music a part of your everyday life and share it with your friends!

Lesson days

- Elementary school students: Every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month at 3:30pm

(50 minutes) ¥3000

-Adults: Every 1st Saturday of the month at  1:30pm (50 minutes) ¥1500

Feel free to choose your favourite combination of classes!